Messaging and Positioning

Our team of senior strategists excels at creating aspirational messaging and positioning that resonates with press and gives a company’s vision the spotlight it deserves. That messaging works effectively alongside the go-to-market messaging that clients rely on to drive revenue while their vision is realized.


New products, new corporate initiatives, and the debut of companies that have been operating in stealth mode all require a thoughtful examination of how PR can contribute to KPIs and goals to deliver impact. We pride ourselves on launches that move the needle for our clients.

Thought Leadership

The right point of view communicated to the right audience can be an important differentiator when it comes to leading the pack or being relegated to being a follower. SBS excels in making its client executives’ voices heard when they’re establishing a position in the market. 

Media & Analyst Relations

Whether it’s proactive pitching for trend stories or baseline news programs, the SBS media relations team has been landing the coverage that matters online, in print, and for broadcast throughout their careers.

Media Training

Interacting with press is both a science and an art, but it requires preparation. The SBS team provides technology executives with the best practices, feedback, preparation, tips and tricks necessary to maximize the outcome of every interview.

Crisis Communications

Good news travels fast. Bad news travels even faster. The SBS team has worked on crisis situations for several of the world’s largest technology companies and know the right response to a crisis is never formulaic, but a smart strategy and quick response across multiple channels is required in today’s digital world.

Analyst Relations

Industry analysts play an important role in some technology sectors, but not all analysts are created equal and each requires a unique approach. SBS helps clients structure content and approach to win analysts with their point of view. 

Content Marketing & Social Media
Social Media Strategy

We believe strong social media and digital communications programs include three facets: content development, community management, and amplification. Each supports the other and are necessary for building a brand’s social equity.

Content Development

In the modern era of blog marketing and social amplification, the right content can always be placed in front of the right audience. SBS’s experienced writing team excels at developing content that resonates where it matters.

Community Management

Effective community management creates the difference between people being familiar with your brand and those who love you. At SBS, we work with our clients to identify creative engagement points to raise brand affinity.

Social Amplification

Placing the story or posting your blog post is just the first step in reaching your audience. At SBS, we believe in utilizing digital platforms for promoting your story or news whether through social ads, syndication tools, or leveraging the latest info sharing platform like Product Hunt. Our approach is focused on ensuring the right audience sees your story.